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“Really works”

“The best in the business”

“Better than advertising”Spacer
“Very cost effective”Spacer
“Money well spent”
“Most successful systemSpacerSpacerwe’ve ever used”

“Planning Leads are very responsive

Just a few of the words used to describe our service by satisfied customers - our reputation is your guarantee!



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Established since 1988


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Active Planning Leads - More Testimonials
Below are just a few of the Testimonials we regularly receive! spacer


Subscription Enquiries



“I was sceptical at first but - it works”

“We've been an Active Planning Leads subscriber for over 15 years - what else do you need to know?

“7 responses from one mail shot gave us £30k of work!”

“Saves time & money & surpasses all other advertising ideas” 

“We've tried every kind of marketing and advertising scheme - this one works” 

“Best business decision I have ever made"

“I don’t know of a better way to get more work.

"Active Planning Leads bring in more work than advertising ever did”

"I have added over £150,000 to my turnover in my first year with Active Planning Leads

“Works far better than advertising”

“Would I use it for 10 years if it didn't work?” 

“We got thousands of pounds worth of business last year - Thanks

“I would recommend this service - very cost effective”

“Given up on other advertising as this is much better”

“Struggled before Active Planning Leads - now expanding”

“Only form of marketing I do now”

“90% of my business comes from this information”

“Good marketing idea that really sources customers”

“The Planning Applicants in Active Planning Leads are ready to spend” 

“Doesn't take long before you see rewards”

“Far better than any other marketing tools”

“Allows us to maintain strong work in progress”

“The best marketing service we have ever had”

“Very pleased - recently started to get even more responses"

“Cost effective to use Active Planning Leads”

“Stopped for 5 months, big mistake as enquiries dried up. Started with 6 districts - now subscribe to 12”

“Very good - the vast majority of my business comes from this service”

“Unbelievable way of getting business”

“Great - added another district this year”

“Active Planning Leads reports enable us seek specific projects & make early contact”

“A very useful business tool”

“Don't advertise at all now. Increased my order this year"

“Looking forward to another good year with this service”

“Helps us contact prospective Clients before our competitors do!”

“Used ABI in the past. This info is much better”

“Very good indeed ”

“Good service, adding 3 new districts this year”

“5 new contracts underway”

"Unbelievable way of getting business"

"Great - added another district this year"

"A very useful business tool"

"I would recommend this very good service"

"I Don't advertise at all now. Taken a extra district this year"

"Looking forward to another good year with this service"

"Helps us contact prospective Clients. Excellent”

"I would defiantly recommend this service"

"Used ABI in the past. This info is much better"

"Good service, adding 3 new districts this year"

"5 new contracts underway"

“Very good. Present contract is 3rd for this client from your info”

“Wish we had started using it earlier” 

“Work acquired from this source is unbelievable - 20 enquiries every week”

“Hope to double our turnover next year - thanks for getting us involved” 

“We generally get 2 enquiries per report and a high return on our investment - more than enough to subscribe again” 

“Very good for leads for finding new work” 

“Best source of business we have found”

“Haven't looked back. No wasted money on ads concentrate solely on Active Planning Leads info”

“This works best - look at our turnover increase” 

“Do very well 50 enquiries a year” 

“Active Planning Leads are so reliable & trustworthy that I have recommended them to others”

“Thanks for an excellent service, it works very well” 

“We now only use Active Planning Leads & our own web site”

“Very worthwhile - had some good orders”

“Highly recommendable ”

“Increased my turnover by 30% and several good tenders in the pipeline” 

“Noticeable increase in turnover since adding commercial applications”

“Fantastic service”

“We get a very high return on our investment with Active Planning Leads”

“Excellent service overall” 

“This works”  “Excellent”

“Very good reporting service” 

“Hoping to do even better next year with this help from Active Planning Leads”

“Excellent all round service that gets results”

“Active Planning Leads's Labels make it simple to mail shot and save you time and money” 

“Fast service - gets you there first”

“Beneficial for increasing our customer base”

“10 years speaks for itself” 

“Don't let your competitors discover this service”

“Very recommendable - but not on our patch please ”

“Best form of winning new business” 

“Well worthwhile”

“Extremely Cost Effective we contact people interested in our service”

“I have recommended Active Planning Leads to others and would recommend them to anyone”

“I want to keep this to myself so I wont be recommending this money making service to anyone else in my industry”

“Better than advertising” 

“I find this information superb” 

“I mail ALL applications - it works”

“We had NO enquiries from Yellow Pages or Thompson's - only Active Planning Leads got the phone ringing”  

“Gets your foot in the door early - good resource and business tool” 

“We took two extra districts on renewal - that should tell you something”

“Provides more enquiries than advertising” 

“Brings more contacts that result in sales than & Yellow Pages”

“Brought in new business leading to recommendation work”

“Our years of advertising are over. With Active Planning Leads you see what you have paid for ”

 “The labels are what give us the advantage” 

“The information arrives before permission is granted which gives me the best possible chance to win the business”

“Excellent quality data”

“Better than advertising. This is specific and targeted to our needs”“Very impressed - Wouldn't keep subscribing if it didn't work” 

“Not used to full capacity but still got results! Geared up to hit it hard this year” 

“Thanks for a really good service enabling me to get good business from good Companies”

“Best medium of marketing I have experienced” 

“We get regular response & consistent turnover from both large and small projects”  


“Have added 2 more districts this year”

Subscription Enquiries


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Active Planning Leads - Precision Targeting with Perfect Timing


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